Self-esteem is how you see yourself, your self-confidence or your self-worth.  All of these are created by our thoughts and experiences over time.  What we believe about ourselves is directly impacted by our thoughts and our beliefs.  When these are based or weighted too heavily on negatives (from our own thoughts or from others), it changes how we feel about ourselves.  This impacts our other relationships, productivity and spirituality to name just a few.  Negative self-esteem creates untrue insecurities which impact multiple areas of our lives and creates unhealthy issues that need to be addressed. With some focused attention on what you believe and why, you can come to see yourself in a different and healthy light.

Life stressors

Life is hard!  Let’s just admit it!  Life has a way of throwing curveballs without warning. Sometimes we can see it coming but we don’t always know what to do about it.  We can’t just ignore life’s major stressors without it taking a toll on us and our lives.  It can be hard at times and it’s alright to admit it. Sometimes we just need an outside, non-biased, non-judgmental person to help us walk that journey with grace, mercy, and understanding.